New Website

Well, I'm quite proud of myself: it's taken a few days and quite a bit of frustration, but the new website is live and if I say so myself is looking quite shiny and new, and almost like a real website.

When I started Direct Beers back in 2006, the intention was for it to be primarily a mail order business, but for one reason or another, the outdoor consumer show took over, and I have spent the last decade driving up and down the country, selling beer at agricultural shows, food and drink festivals, county shows, street markets, and Christmas markets. I still intend to do all that, but it has become clear that we are all shopping more and more online, so Direct Beers has come full circle, and I will be focussing a lot more energy on building a web presence.

In the meantime, I have been busy booking events, starting much earlier this year, in March! And I have been designing some new Christmas beers; more about those when they're ready.

I'll be back soon with some special offers, when I've decided what they will be!



Stephen Gee